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15th December, Sensational Stories From Bollywood For The Day, Don’t Miss


Zareen Khan Was Commiting Suicide, But This Song Made Her To Re Think


Zareen Khan was almost determined to end her life. When she sat on the edge of a lake. She had poison in her hands. Suddenly she hears something that changes her thinking about suicide. These words inspire her to lead another beautiful life.

Now you will say, this story should be in a movie. So this story is not from her real life, but it is from reeal life. Yes, a song from Zareen’s upcoming film has been released, and all these events have been shown in it.

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The first song of Zareen’’s forthcoming horror film ‘1921’ was released today. Arnab Dutta has sung this song, ‘Sun le zara’. This song is filmed at London. The songs in the movie are very beautiful and are also very curious. At the beginning of the song, Zareen appears sitting on the bench adjacent to a lake.

Kareena Kapoor Dressed Up With such So Much Cosstly Dress Yet Again


A few days back the event was organized by actress Kareena Kapoor-Khan’s sister in law. Soha Ali Khan’s Autobiography Launch was the program. In the program, Kareena was present in a very bold avatar. She charmed everyone with her beauty in a red short dress.

But do you know the costume price?  Yes, your guess is quite right. This dress is very expensive and its price is Rs 5.4 lakh. After her pregnancy, she has now started attending events and showing off her new groomed body. Very soon she will start acting again.


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