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Aamir Khan quits the film Mogul as director is charged of sexual harassment


Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, the actor who is well known for his social understandings has once again come forward and quit the film whose director was accused of sexual harassment. It was the Mogul film and was supposed to be directed by the Subhash Kapoor. Subhash is accused of sexual misconduct and the matter is in the court.

Amir Khan wrote on his Twitter account that he will not be the part of the film.

Earlier, Aamir took to Twitter late on Wednesday to announce his decision. His official statement says, “Two weeks ago when traumatic #MeToo stories began emerging, it was brought to our attention that someone we were about to begin work with has been accused of sexual misconduct. Upon enquiry, we found that this particular case is subjudice and that the legal process is in motion. We are not an investigative agency, nor are we in any position to pass judgment on anyone — that is for the police and judiciary to do. So, without casting any aspersions on anyone involved in this case, and without coming to any conclusions about these specific allegations, we have decided to step away from this film.”

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The chief of the T series Bhushan Kumar has removed Kapoor from the project. He said  “It is our foremost duty to make our industry safe for everyone, make an industry that creates the environment of equality and a better place to work. With the on-going proceedings against the director that have been brought to our notice, everyone at T-Series has decided to not work with the director.”

MeToo movement has grabbed many big stars in various industries including journalism and comedy. The explanations given by all the accused are so lame and not satisfying. Similarly, Subhash Kapoor came with his statement

“I understand and respect Aamir khan’s and Kiran Rao’s decision. Since matter is subjudice, I intend to prove my innocence in the court of law. But I do want to raise a question – is secretly filming a crying woman without her consent and knowledge and uploading it on social media, not harassment or abuse? Or is it fine if she is related to someone who is “allegedly accused” of a misconduct? If your answer is latter then for me it’s nothing less then a khaap panchayat mentality.”


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