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Aishwarya’s Son, Abhishek’s Wife, Our Analysis On Such Sudden Forcible Relations



At the beginning of the new-year, a disclosure about Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan of Bachchan family has come to light. It says that Aishwarya has another son other than Aardhya. Perhaps you might be shocked to read this, but a 29-year-old man has claimed this. Sangeet is the name of that man, who is from Andhra Pradesh.

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According to him, Ash had given birth to him in 1988 by IVF technology in London. He is missing Aishwarya from his childhood, but now he want to meet her. In fact, the news is quite shocking and strange. But right now on social media this is a viral discussion.

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In fact, it did not happen with Aishwarya, but some celebrities had to face the situation before. Ash’s husband Abhishek Bachchan himself had to face such a situation in 2007.

Abhishek’s Wife


On the day when Abhishek-Ash was to be married, a model named Janhavi Kapoor came as an obstacle in front of Bachchan’s house. This model claimed that she could not see Abhishek and Ash getting married, because she is Abhishek’s wife. The matter was so intense that Janhavi had tried to commit suicide by cutting her veil.

Dhanush Had Sudden Parents


Before this matter gets calm down, the South- superstar and the son-in-law of Rajinikanth’s Dhanush suddenly faced his parents. An elderly couple claimed that Dhanush is their son, who left them from their childhood. The matter came to the notice of the high court directly. So, Dhanush had to do DNA test. Finally, the claim made by the couple turned out to be false.

Shahid’s Mad Wife


Actor Shahid Kapoor also had to face such an incident in 2012. The late actor Rajkumar’s daughter had claimed that she was Shahid’s wife. Actually, she was in mad love for Shahid. She wanted to get Shahid as soon as possible. Standing outside his building, Finally Shahid had to file a complaint to the police in this regard.

Shahrukh’s Mother


King Shahrukh, who had ruled Bollywood, had to face similar situation. In 1996, a woman claimed that Shahrukh is her son. The woman was a resident of Latur, Maharashtra. The woman claimed that her Shahrukh had disappeared in the 1960s. She saw Shahrukh Khan’s photos and recognized him. For this, the woman had also gone to court.


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