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All about Rekha and her childhood as she is celebrating her 64th birthday



Bollywood’s diva Rekha is celebrating her 64th birthday. The age is just a number for her as she looks as stunning as she was back then. Her personality is aloof. She tries to be away from the hullabaloo of the world.  The charming actress was always in the news for her struggling love life. She had many relationships in her life, but unfortunately, all her loves couldn’t go all along. She also married and tried to settle down her life but that too turned fruitless. She divorced and living her life alone. She publicly says that she is alone and yet she claims to live life fully.

Rekha’s childhood was not something she would like to remember. Her father did not acknowledge his paternity during her childhood. She says she never planned to be an actress. Rekha wanted to travel and explore new facets of her life. She grew up in Chennai and studied in a convent school with Irish nuns.

As a child, Rekha used to do daydreaming and spent time alone.

She was the loner and she would spend time daydreaming. She would create her own world and imagine the things. Her favourite subjects were Moral Science, Art and Indian History and the romance of Shah Jehan. her mother wanted her to become an actress. So she became one!

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in her childhood, she was called the clown of the class and everyone used to tease her. She was the podgy child and her friends would call her little lota or baby elephant. She would feel upset but managed to channel it in the proper way. Swana Bhadon was the beginning of her career. Mohan Sehgalji was her father figure who saw the spark in the actress when she was young. When he selected her and asked her whether she knows Hindi, she replied as No. but Mohan Sehgaliji said he will teach her and that support from his changed her life.

In her career, she achieved many accolades and was always in news for her relationships.


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