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Forget Traditional Jobs, Here Is The World Of Tremendous Future Jobs



Who will control the traffic of the drones flying in the sky, who will train the robot, who will not control the robot and who will be the counsellor, and who will become a data manager and who will be expert in counting any digital currency?

All these works may not exist today but will be there in the future. The most demanded jobs in 2040 will be very different. And its roots are in today in changing technology and financial cycle. This is what the study of Oxford University says.


Today in the rapidly changing era of Information Technology, Science is something that determines tomorrow. It seems as if the world we see today seems to be ancient in the next ten years. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Automation process is in full swing. Everything is on its way to being automatic.

Even though it is good for productivity and quality, it is also emphasizing that robots and machines will snatch people’s employment in the future. The changing technology will create new opportunities for future employment. The changes which are being seen today with technology will create tomorrow’s options for new services and industry.

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Presently, experts from around the world are contemplating what these options will be, designing concepts, making the assumptions of the future. Today, the technical change or the beginning we are experiencing. These changes have been shaped as big business in the next twenty years. And then some new jobs will come from it.

Some will be like,


  1. Virtual Store Manager
  2. Robot Counselor
  3. Robot Trainer
  4. Drone Traffic Controller
  5. Augmented Reality Designer

According to the study, 85 percent of the jobs available in 2030 is not yet ready. So, in the next few years, we are predicting how fast the world will change. When the children born today are ready to get a job in 2040, they will not be seen trying to do traditional jobs. The vision of their business will be different. The options available to them will be different.



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