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Firangi Actress Ishita Dutt Speak Up About Her Molestation in Train


Firangi Actress Ishita Dutt

Firangi Actress Ishita Dutt Speak up Aout Her Molestation

The Firangi Actress Ishita Dutt, who is playing a lead role in the Kapil Sharma’s forthcoming movie. Ishita Dutt spoke about her sexual misconduct and said, once she was traveling on a train and was molested by a man.
You must have heard about the Trending Hashtag #MeToo, in which not only Woman but also Men are coming forward to speak about their molestation throughout the World. Hollywood has seen a tremendous response since the #MeToo campaign started.
The Firangi actress Ishita Dutt is also one of the victims of sexual misconduct and molestation. #MeToo campaign also has given her courage to speak about her molestation in front of the media. READ | #MeToo Aafreen Khan, Sexual Abuse by Father Will Give you Goosebump (Watch)
When she was asked about her molestation she said, “yes, I am also a victim of Molestation, when I used to go to College by train. Once, an old man touched me inappropriately, but I did not let him go unpunished, I created a chaos in the running train. He felt very embarrassed.”

Ishita Dutt Mentioned Another Similar Molestation Incident

Firangi Actres Ishita Dutt
Ishita Dutta mentioned another similar incident that took place with her, Ishita told in an interview that,  once a boy hit me on a railway bridge. Ishita said that when his hand came to my body, she caught it and twisted his hand so fast that he would remember for a lifetime.
Ishita, who also played a role of Ajay Devgn’s daughter in Drishyam said, “I enjoy things like the #Metoo Campaign, but it’s important that people do not misuse this platform. It is been made for the common people by the Common people to speak up about their molestation. I think every girl should raise a voice about every injustice or exploitation that took place with them.”


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