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Hichki Trailer is released, Rani Mukherjee Shows, What’s Life without a few hiccup? (Watch)


Hichki Trailer

Hichki Trailer is Out, Rani Mukherjee Making Her Comeback

The trailer of Rani Mukherjee’s upcoming movie ‘Hichki’ is out. The actress who played a role of fierce woman in Mardaani is making her comeback after having been away three years from the Silver screen. In Hichki, Rani is playing a role of teacher, who has a speech defect, owing to a neurological problem.
In the trailer, Rani Mukherjee can be seen taking Hiccup at many occasion, even at the Dinner table. She is playing a role of aspiring teacher, when she goes to school for an interview, people around her doubt, will she be able to teach children with a speech defect and frequent hiccup. But, Rani assured them by saying, She can or will, When interviewers ask her to find a job in another profession, she replies, I was born to teach. READ | Salman Khan is Like a Guardian Angel, Who Picked me up From a career Low
She tells her students, Class is not only confided into four halls, education and six hours, so if you want my guidance at any time, you can contact me at my given numbers. But, her good intention was mocked by a student in a bad manner, which made whole class laugh.

Hichki Trailer

Students can be seen in the trailer sticking a poster on the walls outside the Shcool, which shows Rani’s personal number with a tag, Feeling Lonely, soon after, she starts getting unknown calls.

What’s life, without a few hiccup? 

She did not get complaint from professor, she is badly behaved by her own student, a student can be heard saying, before teaching us, you must learn how to speak?
A film also shows a Tagline, What’s life, without a few hiccup?  Later, Rani says, there are no bad students, only bad teachers. In the end of the Trailer, an atmosphere of the class seems to have changed from the first one. Let’s Watch and Expect to learn something new from Rani.

The Movie Hichki is being Directed by Sidharth P Malhotra, under Yash Raj banner, which is slated to be released on the Silver screen on February 23, 2018.


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