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Hrithik Roshan Cried When They Met, The Untold Story Hrithik Roshan & Michael Jackson



Hrithik Roshan is considered to be one of the most famous and talented actors in Bollywood. Hrithik, who played the child artist in Hindi film in 1980, became active in Bollywood in 2000 with the release of ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’. As Hrithik’s first film released, he became a superstar overnight.

For this film, he was honored with 6 Filmfare awards.  Hrithik’s acting in this film was totally appreciated, and apart from acting,his  dance style thrilled the audience. Hrithik is a huge fan of his dance icon Michael Jackson. So we will tell you an interesting story related to it today.

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Hrithik Roshan was shooting one of his films in New York. Hrithik was sitting in his vanity van in the morning during the shooting. Suddenly some bouncers had penetrated in his vanity van. Suddenly all the bouncers came in his vanity van and Hartik was very scared. Tears started to flow from his eyes as he saw one personality coming with the bouncers.

Hrithik Got The Surprise


After some time, pop star Michael Jackson stood in front of Hrithik. Since Hrithik was following Michael Jackson’s dance step since childhood, he had a strong desire to meet Michael Jackson. As soon as Michael Jackson came in front of him, Hrithik’s situation was very difficult.

Hrithik was shooting for film ‘Kites’ where Michael Jackson was shooting his album. Hrithik knew this matter, but he could not meet Michael. But when Michael Jackson got information about Hrithik’s shooting, he came to meet Hrithik himself. This made Hrithik emotional.


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