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Karni Sena Blames Sensor Board For Allowing Padmavati With U/A Certificate



Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’ is a highly anticipated movie. So, twice the censor board refused to give the certificate to this film. However, now the Censor Board has been able to further intensify its opposition as the Censor Board decides to give the U / A certificate to the film.

The censor board had clarified that the name of Padmavati being adaptable to give certificates to the film, if it was changed to ‘Padmavat’ after casting a few scissors in the film. Specifically, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali also said that the sensor’s decision was incomparable. But Rajput did not make any decision on behalf of the board makers while making the allegations against the censor board.

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Now, the lawmaker of Karni Sena accused the Censor Board of using the underworld to show Padmavati green flag. Also, if the film is released, then there is a threat to filmmakers breaking down the cinema halls. Karani Sena’s Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi said that the theater which will be screening Padmavati will be fully broken. An independent committee was formed to review the film. The committee eventually opposed the film.

Karni Sena Out Of Control Again


In this regard, the Censor Board has decided to approve under the pressure of the underworld, while Rajput Sabha President Giraj Singh Lotwada said that the censor Board has decided to help the makers without giving much recommendation to the committee. This is the misfortune of our country. We will continue to oppose the film in a democratic way.

Speaking on all these issues, President of the Board of Directors Prasoon Joshi discussed with INNS News Agency. He said that the CBFC did not recommend any film scam. Only five  facts have been asked to do research. ‘He later said,’ We have asked the makers to change the disclaimer.


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