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Know The Interesting Story Behind, Anushka Sharma’s Saree Of Delhi Reception



Since last few days, social media has just filled in with the news of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s wedding ceremony. This couple went to Italy and secretly got married. At this time their family and some close friends were present. This wedding was held at Borgo Finocchieto resort in Tuscany, Italy. After that they returned to India and first gave Grand receptions in Delhi and in Mumbai.

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All things were discussed from Anushka’s marriage dress to her earrings. In Delhi, Anushka had a red color sari in the reception with red colored bangles. Silk sari grabbed the attention of everyone. But to make this sari, it has to work a lot. This sari of Anushka was being prepared for last six months. This special sari of Anushka had been prepared in Banaras.

The workers had no idea while making the saree 


According to one report, three artists worked simultaneously on this sari. This saree was of golden layers. This sari has been made by handcraft. The price of this saree is more than five lakhs, and the presence of the three craftsmen is necessary for this saree making. According to the Saree Dealer, this saree can’t be completed without simultaneous work of craftsmen. Though, if one of the artists can’t work, then the factory has to be shut down on that day. Also, the ornaments she inserted were also extremely expensive.

The workers had no idea that this saree they were weaving, was for Anushka. After discovering Anushka’s reception news on TV they got to know about this story. Along with sarree, Anushka’s earrings were also expensive. The price of earrings is said to be 25-30 lakh rupees. Bollywood stars and cricket legends attended Mumbai reception.


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