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Do You Know The Relation Between Mrs. Dhoni & Mrs. Kohli? Read Here



The second reception of Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma’s wedding took place in Mumbai on Tuesday. Most of the players in the Indian cricket team were present at the reception. Former captain M. S. Dhoni also attended this function with his wife and little girl Ziva.

Most people thought that Mahi and Sakshi reached the ceremony due to Virat and Dhoni’s relation. But, the answer to this is a No. Yes, Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi and Virat’s wife Anushka are very good friends from their school life.

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This is revealed with the help of some old photos of Anushka. This photo of Sakshi and Anushka has been shared by Anushka’s fan club on Twitter account. The fans of both of them shared such photos, which surprised all. While the photos of both of them are being viral on social media, Anushka herself disclosed this saying Sakshi and I studied together.

Anushka-Sakshi, the childhood friends


After at the marriage of Sakshi-Dhoni in 2010, Sakshi and Anushka did not meet again. However, once again, these old friend meets each other at the reception. Meanwhile, Sakshi said that both of us were educated in St. Mary School of Margherita. When both of them saw these old photos, they became difficult to identify with each other.


Also, on Tuesday night, Dhoni and Sakshi attended Salman Khan’s birthday bash at Panvel Farm Houuse of Salman. Mr. and Mrs. Dhoni first visited Virushka’s reception and then went on at the Bhaijaan’s birthday bash.


Let us revise you that, Salman Khan’s family members are huge fans of Dhoni. Last time, when Dhoni was in Mumbai on occasion of a match, Salman had invited him at Galaxy Apartments. And Dhoni gave a short visit to his house.


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