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Men Too, Face The Sexual Abuse In The Industry- Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra

The filming of the first part of the upcoming grand event, which has been discovered in Mumbai, was recently shot in Mumbai i.e. ‘India’s Next Superstars’. This program is being prepared to give an apt reply to the critically acclaimed actors-producer-directors of Hindi film industry, who will find young talent actors and actresses from the general public. At the beginning of the new-year, it will be telecasted on ‘Star Plus’.

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Renowned producer Karan Johar and renowned director Rohit Shetty, will be seen as the judges of this program. Actress Priyanka Chopra, who has made her mark on the global cinema as a special guest in the first part of the event, will also participate. Priyanka has now gone missing from Bollywood because of her role in playing Hollywood projects.

Priyanka’s Strong Statement


Asked about the sexual harassment and exploitation of a young actress in the Hindi film industry. Priyanka said, “Not only girls, but men too have to face sexual harassment!”. Confirming Priyanka’s statement, the host of the program Ritwik Dhanjani said, “Some people from low level in the film industry misbehave with Young people looking to come to this area.

Also, they strive to take advantage of the inability and helplessness of them. Big, established directors and creators are never doing this. It is my fortune that I have had the opportunity to work with only the best and the responsible people. ”

Priyanka Chopra is good at present. Being recognized as an international star, she has a tremendous demand. Also, that is why the organizers did not have any problem with her fee demands. The organizers intend to highlight Priyanka’s performance in the award show.


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