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Mohammad Rafi’s 93rd Birth Anniversary, Our Sincere Tribute To The King Of Melody


The Journey Started In 1924


Today is the 93rd birth anniversary of melody king Mohammad Rafi. Mohammad Rafi was born on 24th December 1924. You probably do not know that a singer who had sung 24,000 songs in almost all Indian languages ​​was inspired by a fakir. Even today, Rafi’s shining and bright charm has not disappeared.

At the age of seven, Rafi would sit in his big brother’s barber shop. Rafi used to duplicate the voice of a fakir going by the same route. One day, the brother saw them imitating the voice and sent him to sing it as a singer. After this, Rafi was given the opportunity to sing only at the age of 13. That is also by chance.

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When in a concert of Kundanlal Sehgal, the power lost and Sehgal refused to sing. So, Rafi was raised for singing the song. In the audience, the musician Shyam Sundar was sitting and he found Rafi’s voice very beautiful. He heard Rafi’s song and invited him to come to Mumbai. Under the direction of Shyam Sundar, Rafi sang his first ‘Soniye ne Hariye ni’ Punjabi song.

The journey lasted for 1980

Rafi And Naushad

After this, in 1944, Naushad collaborated with him in ‘Hindustan Ke Hum Hai, Hindustan Humara’ song, in which he stepped into Bollywood. On this day, we have experienced the magic which has been done by his sweet melodies. Then he showed the magic of his voice through numerous songs. The Kashmir ki kali, which came in his way, made history.

Rafi was not good only as a singer but also as a person. That is why Rafi sang for just 1 rupee for musician Lakshmikant Pyarelal during Pyarelal’s struggle. This great artist was never greedy for wealth. Once, Rafi stood outside the studio for a period of two hours after recording. Suddenly Naushad came there.


He asked the reason behind why he is standing like this. Rafi said that he did not have the money to take the train ticket. Naushad told him that why you did not ask for money from anyone. What is the response to Rafi? The recording is not complete yet. I want to come back tomorrow. So, tonight, I will stay outside the studio and take money after the recording is complete. Rafi’s words brought tears in Naushad’s eyes.

The great veteran and legendary singer, who is still mesmerizing the audience with his voice, left the world on July 31, 1980.



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