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Now Goa Police Enters Into Padmavat Protest, Writes Letter To State Government



Although the censor board has given green signal to director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavat’, the opposition to the film remains unchanged. Considering the opposition to ‘Padmavati’ from the beginning, the censor board changed the name of the film and some scenes. According to the revision of the sensor, the name Padmavati was changed to ‘Padmavat’. But the opposition to this film is always there.

Now there is news for a protest against it in Goa and the ban on the film is being demanded. Meanwhile, in Goa, after the Himachal Pradesh elections, after two states opposing the exhibition of the film, a similar tone appeared in Goa. But if this organization opposes it, then the Goa Police itself has done it. Specifically, the Goa Police has written a letter to the state government not to display the film.

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Goa Police Writes To State Government


Police wrote in the letter that if the state’s Padmavat is displayed, the police machinery in the state will increase, so that the state government should consider it. In the meantime, because of the BJP government in Goa, this government should not be the only game. Such tune is being expressed in the industry.

In the BJP-ruled regions Padmavat seems to be opposed. Actor Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh played the lead role in this film. The film seems to have been consistently opposed and the film’s shooting faced many hurdles. Therefore, displaying the film in a smooth manner is a risk to every state. Now, it is said to be the film is releasing on 25th January this year.


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