Home Celebs Pooja Bedi Slams Broadcasting Ministry over Banning Condom Ads on TV

Pooja Bedi Slams Broadcasting Ministry over Banning Condom Ads on TV


Pooja Bedi slams Government over Condom Ads

Pooja Bedi Slams Government over Banning Condom Ads on TV

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has restricted all the Television Channels to air Condom Advertisement in between 6 am to 10 pm in the night. While directing all the Channel, Ministry cites dozens of reason and said, it may cause an adverse impact on children and not suitable for viewing.
The ministry in its order said that, it has been brought to its notice “that some channels carry advertisements of condoms repeatedly which are alleged to be indecent especially for children”.
To “avoid exposure of such material to children” and ensure “strict adherence” to the Cable Television Network Rules, it has restricted the airing of all condom ads between 10 pm and 6 am. If Channel would not Comply the order the action would be taken against them as per provisions of the rules. READ | Malaika Arora Gets Trolled For Wearing a Revealing Dress at Her Christmas Bash
Bollywood actress Pooja Bedi has expressed her displeasure over the government’s decision for not showing Condom ads on TV Channel. Pooja Bedi has worked in Kamasutra Condom Ads. In Kamasutra condom ads, she was seen with model Mark Robinson. She tagged her all tweet with #CondomAdCurfew.
Pooja Bedi in a series of Tweets slammed the government decision and expressed her displeasure with the prudish perception. She tweeted, “I realise #CondomAdCurfew is an ADVISORY not a Ban… BUT India’s GREATEST problem Is overpopulation… and we NEED 2 drive home during WAKING &peak TV watching hours messages pro-condom use. Perhaps we could have tamer advts for those “family viewing” hours but not Stop them!”
Pooja Bedi slams government over Condom Ads
Pooja Bedi in Kamasutra Condom Ads
Pooja Bedi wrote on Twitter, “If condom ads ever do get banned in certain time slots they need to also ban all item numbers and movies with steamy scenes during those time slots as well…. they are all just as provocative as condom advts but minus a safe sex association. #CondomAdCurfew.”
She further tweeted, “I find it so strange that families can sit together& unflinchingly watch a fight scene on TV with people beating each other up & blood oozing out .. but become so NERVOUS, agitated & UNCOMFORTABLE when passion is expressed… or even just a simple loving KISS.#CondomAdCurfew.”
She tweeted, “I think we need 2 view love& Kissing & sex. As normally as we do fighting &beating. Our hang-ups about sex r what fuel regressive attitudes towards sex and women. In the West sex scenes, Condom adverts are viewed with objectivity. Violent reactions only prove we need to open r minds.”


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