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Before Ranveer Singh, These Were The Affairs Of Deepika Padukone



The 100 Crore Club queen, Deepika Padukone’s birthday is today on January 5. From modeling to Bollywood actress to Hollywood actress, Deepika made it a history today. Today, no other heroine is as successful as Deepika Padukone. Today, Deepika’s name is discussed with Ranveer Singh. But, before him, there were many names that have been discussed with her. Her affairs also discussed like her movies.

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Nihar Pandya


Many think that Ranbir Kapoor is the first love of Deepika. But, it is not true. Yes, Deepika was in relationship with Nihar Pandya. Both of them met in an acting school and fell in love with each other. Deepika was doing modeling at that time. Later she got entry in Bollywood and their relationship broke up after three years.

Upen Patel


After Nihar Pandya, Deepika’s name was discussed with Upen Patel. But this was for very short time. Because, another smart, young, person came into Deepika’s life.

Yuvraj Singh


That smart person is Yuvraj Singh. Yes, Yuvi made Deepika fall in his love. Yuvi was at the peak of his career at that time. Later, both of them were seen wandering with each other. This also, did not run for a long time. Before Yuvraj, it is said that Deepika was dating Dhoni.



Vijay Mallya’s son, Siddharth Mallya met Deepika during IPL. Both of them were together fr few years. They were seen partying together many times. Also, there was a discussion that Siddharth gifted Deepika a flat. Deepika was seen at every Kingfisher party and shows. But, this relationship too got broken.

Ranbir Kapoor


Then there comes the big name, Ranbir Kapoor. In 2008, during the shoot of Bachna Ae Hasino, the duo met. Both of them were in deep love and they never kept it a secret. Deepika even had a tattoo on her neck with letters RK. But, within just two years, they got broken. Ranbir then went to Katrina and Deepika went in big depression. But, now she has recoeverd from that and enjoying tremendous success at Box Office.

Ranveer Singh

Deepika got a big relief in the form of Ranveer Singh, when she was in depression. Ranveer Singh, took upmost care of Deepika at every stage of their relationship. After doing three films together, now, the news of their marriage is also coming out.


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