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Salman Khan Receives Threatening Again, Race 3 Shooting Halted



According to reports, some armed men attacked the set of Dabangg Salman Khan’s Race 3. Yes, while shooting at the set of Salman’s ‘Race 3’, some armed people entered and started messing up. They are also told that they have threatened to kill Salman. After this incident, ‘Race3’ shooting was immediately stopped.

According to the information received, a set of ‘Race3’ is set in Mumbai’s Goregaon Film City. On January 9, when all the units of the film were busy shooting on this set, some people entered the set in a violent way. After that, they started messing on the set. Apart from this, they also threatened Salman. After this, the police were called immediately. In a moment, the police reached the set of ‘Race 3’.

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After this, the police left Salman at his Bandra residence. These people who were messed up with the set of ‘Race 3’ belonged to a particular community in Rajasthan. In the past week, they had threatened to kill Salman. In the past week, Salman was found before the Jodhpur court. During this, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi of Rajasthan gave an open threat to Salman.

Race 3 Shooting Halted  

Race 3

He said that they would kill Salman in Jodhpur. In the Bishnoi community, there is a feeling of agony against Salman because of the Antelope hunting incident. On this backdrop, Lawrence Bishnoi, who was related to Bishnoi community, had threatened to kill Salman outside Jodhpur court. Bishnoi society has been working for the protection of Antelopes for more than 500 years. Lawrence Bishnoi is a student leader.

There are more than 20 cases filed on him under ransom collection, firing and Arms Act in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Rajasthan. On March 5, 2015, the Fareedkot police arrested Lawrence with foreign arms. Lawrence was recently brought before the Jodhpur court in this case. This time he threatened to kill Salman.


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