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Sensor Board Found A Solution On Padmavati Dispute, Know Here, What It Is



The censor board has invited two experienced historians of Jaipur to resolve the controversy surrounding Padmavati. CBFC demanded that they should put their views on it. These historians include Prof. B. L. Gupta and Prof. R. S. Khangrat is included. Gupta is a history professor at the University of Rajasthan. He has also written a number of books on medieval periods, whereas Khangrat is the head of the college.

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Meanwhile, Khangrat said to the media that the debate on the film ‘Padmavati’ is not limited to Karni Sena or director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, but this debate is in Bhansali and historians. That is why we want to watch this movie once. It would be clear from the fact that if Bhansali is in the original history, then it is fine. While Gupta said, ‘Even though our country is free to perform arts, it should not be billed to history.

Its between historians and Bhansali


He said, ‘It should be clear that we will not be able to support any political conspiracy for spreading the best knowledge based on the facts of history, to the people. In the film Johar (Mass Kurdish) is expected to be effectively showcased in this old tradition, so that it will not affect the audience. Romance should not be conferred in the film. According to the source, a four-member panel has been appointed to review the film next month.

Earlier, Bhansali got strong opposition while he tried to release the movie. He was supposed to release the movie on December 1, but due to strong opposition, the makers pushed the release date. Now, the future of Padmavati is in the hands of the CBFC.


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