Home Celebs Sunny Leone Demands More Fee Than Baahubhali’s Actress Anushka Shetty, Read How?

Sunny Leone Demands More Fee Than Baahubhali’s Actress Anushka Shetty, Read How?


Sunny Leone Demands More Fees

Sunny Leone Demands More Fee Than Baahubhali’s Actress Anushka Shetty

Since, the Sunny Leone has topped the List of Most Google Searched Entertainer of 2017, Sunny Leone seems to have increased her film remuneration for her forthcoming south film. If reports are to be believed Sunny Leone demanded more than the Baahubhali Actress Anushka Shetty received in her blockbuster movie.
According to the report, Sunny demanded Rs 2.5 crore, as her salary and including tax. The remuneration comes around to 3.25 crore, and that’s higher than what Anushka Shetty, received for theBaahubali series. Anushka received Rs 2.5 crore for each Baahubali film.
Sunny Leone has worked in many South Indian film, but this will be her first full-fledged movie, in which she will be playing a leading role. Reportedly, she will be playing a role of 18th Century queen, and for this, she has already started her preparation to learn horse riding and sword fighting. The Film’s name still not declared yet. ALSO READ | Sunny Leone to work again on the small screen
Despite her high fees, the director seemed to have agreed her agreement, and decided to pay her more than Anushka Shetty owing to her huge fans following in South India. Sunny’s first full-fledged South Film will be released in four languages, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. The producer strongly believes that the amount will be recovered.

Sunny Leone to Play a role of Tragedy Queen

Sunny was in the news recently, as a pro-Kannada group, Rakshana Vedike Yuva Sene, protested against her New Year’s Bash in Bangalore. The members threatened mass suicide, if the event was not called off. They burnt her posters, and said that her participation in the event is an assault on the culture of the land.
Sunny Leone will also be working in India’s tragedy Queen Meena Kumari’s biopic. When Vidya Balan turned down the offer to work in her movie, Sunny Leone emerged as a frontrunner for playing a role of legendary Bollywood Actress Meena Kumari, who dies at the age of 38, after battling Alcoholism and deteriorating health.


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