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WWE Superstar Asuka Announced for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match 2018


WWE Superstar Asuka

WWE Superstar Asuka Announced for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match 2018

The year 2017 has almost come to an end, now its time to gear up for the most anticipated Sports Royal Rumble 2018. The WWE Universe loves the Royal Rumble Pay Per Views (PPV), especially the main event that features 30 famous superstars from both the brands competing in a Royal Rumble match for obtaining a chance to headline WrestleMania.
This will be the first time in WWE history when separate Rumble matches will be organized for male and female Racers.
This week, WWE’s Famous Superstar Asuka came and announced that she would be a part of the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Asuka has become the first superstar of RAW, whose rumble has been announced for the match. Actually, before coming to the main event, the champion Alexa Bliss came to the ring and shrugs.

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Then the music of Asuka was played in the Arena and she came in the ring. Everyone felt that Alexa Bliss has got a new challenger as Asuka, but she announced that she would take part in the Rumble match and after that, she kicks Alex Bliss.

Let us know that Raw and SmackDown’s Women’s Superstars will participate in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. It is expected that there might be a return of some veterans along with NXT superstars. So far, names of Asuka and Naomi have just been revealed to the Rumble match. WWE has not officially announced that it will be 20 Womens or 30 Wimbledon Rumble matches.
Regardless of whether the match is between 20 racers or between 30 racers Fans are going to see a tremendous and historic match. Let us tell you that last week, the Commissioner of the staff, Stephanie McMahan, had come and announced that for the first time on January 28, the Women’s Royal Rumble will be organized.
The Royal Rumble 2018 will be held in Philadelphia’s Walsh Fargo Center on 28 January (January 29 in India).

WWE Superstar Asuka

Alexa Bliss has had a historically good year by anybody’s standards

According to the WWE report, Alexa Bliss has had a historically good year by anybody’s standards, starting 2017 as SmackDown Women’s Champion and ending it as Raw Women’s Champion. Even if she may have been overly charitable to herself when she took credit for the development of a Women’s Royal Rumble Match, it’s easy to see why Five Feet of Fury saw herself as the worst woman on the Team Red roster.
That is until Asuka came calling. The Empress of Tomorrow officially became the first female Raw Superstar to declare for the Women’s Royal Rumble Match, with a declaration within the declaration that she was going to win. Given her spotless record, it’s fair to take Asuka at her word when she says she’s going to win a match, but just to show she really meant business, The Empress of Tomorrow dropped a frozen Bliss with a lightning-fast kick to the head anyway.


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