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This Is Why No One Cast Milind Soman in Bollywood? Is It Nepotism?


This Is Why No One Cast Milind Soman in Bollywood? Is It Nepotism or Not?

You must have heard a name of a fitness promoter, actor and Supermodel Milind Soman, there is hardly any girl who’s never had a crush on Milind Soman, because of his handloom look and amazing personality. Milind Soman recently broke millions of hearts as he tied the knot with his girlfriend Ankita Konwar.

Milind Soman has always been a topic of discussion when we talk about fitness, as he is dropping fitness goals every now and then. But, do you know the reason why this handsome hunk is rarely seen on silver screen? Yes, his fans always ask about Milind Soman wife and his disappearance from the celluloid.

Guess what could be the reason, Why none of the directors in Bollywood has found any potential in Milind Soman? Does not he has good contacts in mainstream or commercial cinema?  When asked Milind Soman, Why doesn’t he work in Bollywood or Hindi movies? He says, “Nobody wants to cast me in films, yes that is true. I do not know why, but that is the reality.”

“Once in a while, the film offers come to me and I do that. I am interested in performance though… I like acting. It is a well-paid job and according to some people, I am good at it,”  further said.

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While talking about the disappearance from the Bollywood Milind Soman said, “Only urban people associate with me, unlike the mainstream.  I don’t have friends and network with the commercial cinema world, as you know your network matters in every business.”

Milind Soman Wife

Milind Soman Does not know any of Filmmakers in Bollywood

When Milind Soman asked, Does he has any wish to work with any filmmaker in Bollywood? “I do not know any of them. In fact, I do not watch films. Perhaps that is the potential reason why people do not cast me in the film. I am one of those people who love to act in the film but does not want to watch the film. I think in a year, I watch maximum three films, that too superhero films,” he quoted as saying.

While speaking to Daily Newspaper, Milind Soman revealed,  “I don’t get offers. Directors and producers don’t come to me with work. That’s the reason you don’t see (me in films) because I enjoy acting. Some people tell me that I am good at it. In fact, a lot of directors have called me saying that they have enjoyed my work here and there, but they never asked me to do a film with them which I find a little strange.”

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He said, “I did a film last year called ‘Chef’. I did a film a year before called ‘Bajirao Mastani’. I did a web series this year. So, I do it often enough. So, it’s not that I don’t do it at all. I act in projects when the projects come to me and I think that it might be interesting and I have the time, then I do it.”


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