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Good days for LGBT in India and time to know more about them



We all may have heard many stories related to LGBT and their relationship philosophy. Most of them must be proven wrong in the way we grow or get more real information about them. The Supreme Court recently abolished the provision of Section 377 where LGBT relations between the two adults were considered as a punishable crime as per law. Since the court has abolished this law a wave of happiness is running in this less known gay society in India. Although there are some myths associated with this society as we don’t know the truth. Historically this society was less vocal and maintain privacy due to law and society.

Few facts about LGBT and their relationship philosophy

It’s not true that all the gay’s or lesbian is due to lifestyle. The truth is, gay’s, lesbian or bisexual people are not attracted by any direction. They are like normal people like you and me. They choose their partner based on their choice.

Being lesbian or gay is not unnatural in any sense. Showing love to a person of any gender is not unnatural. Although all sections of the society have different opinions about this.

It is believed that Lesbians hate men in LGBT

It is believed that Lesbians hate men, whereas this is not true at all. You might have noticed that straight women complain more about men, while Lesbians too, do not make any difference to them. If they want to have a friendship with men, they will do it or if they do not want then they will not do. The same philosophy applies to women too. They don’t do friendship with everyone, they make their choice to specific individuals.

Many people believe that in homosexuality one partner plays a role of a man of women, but this is not true in reality. They remain the same as what they are, just their choice is not the general know relationship exist in this society.

I hope the court verdict will not only prevent criminal liability but society will also open their heart and accept them the way they are.


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