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Japanese Princes Ayako will leave royal status after marrying common man


Japanese Princes Ayako

A per news reports, 27-year-old Japanese Princess Ayako has fallen in love with 32-year-old Kei Moriya, a common Japanese citizen. And they are getting married very soon. Kei works for a shipping firm in Japan.

As per Japanese law, if a princess marries a common citizen outside the royal family, then her majestic status will be legally withdrawn. However, if a prince does so, his royal status remains the same.

Let me tell you that, earlier September in last year, Ayako ‘s cousin Princess Mako has also engaged a common Japanese citizen Kei Komuro. He was her college friend and she fell in love with him. It was then revealed that her royal status would be discontinued.

Japanese Princess Ayako’s cousin Princess Mako also left royal status after married a common man

After that incident, this will be the second occasion in Japan when a princess’s royal status will be withdrawn. According to the reports, Ayako is getting married in Tokyo’s Meiji Jingu temple on October 29. After this Princes Ayako will leave the royal family with the bonus. If she leaves the royal status, she will get a bonus of $ 1 million US dollars from her royal family, which is about Rs 6.85 crore in Indian currency. This was the same amount which was paid when Princes Ayako’s cousin sister, Princess Mako married her classmate Kei Komuro in November last year.

Japanese Princess Ayako and Kei Moriya has common hobbies

The Japanese Princess Ayako has received a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare. According to the sources of the royal family, last year in December Princes Ayako brought and introduced Kei Moriya to her mother Princess Takamado. As per reports, Princess Takamodo knew Kei Moriya’s family before. Both Princes Ayako and Kei Moriya has similar hobbies. Both are passionate about global welfare, skiing, reading books and travel.

Let me tell you that, Japanese royal family women’s do not have the right to sit on the throne. However, there was a time when the discussion started with handing over the throne to the women because there was no male successor, but it was ended in 2006 with the birth of Prince Hisahito.

Crown Prince Naruhaito will take the throne from current king Akihito Sit next year in May 2019.


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