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Massive protest and violence reported during Bharat Band


Bharat Band

Massive protest and violence reported during Bharat Band organized by Congress and supported by 21 opposition party in India. The Congress has called for this band against the continued increase in petrol and diesel prices. The non-BJP ruled states has promised to extend all support to make sure peaceful band along with this, the supply of necessary will also not be affected.

Opposition parties and key leaders supporting Bharat Band

Mix reporters are coming from various parts of India in support of band and violence. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who was sitting on a dharna along with Sonia Gandhi said that the current central government has taken any steps in the national interest. Now the time has come to change the current government.

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While demonstration in support of band in Delhi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said: “Narendra Modi Ji is silent, he is not speaking on the rising prices of petrol and diesel, farmers’ condition and female atrocities.”

Samajwadi Party’s National President and former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav have targeted the BJP on the price rise of diesel and petrol. He said that the BJP is in the pride of power, the opposition is protesting rising process of diesel and petrol and the BJP government has again increase process today.

NCP Chief Sharad Pawar and the Democratic Janata Dal’s Sharad Yadav also joined Congress President Rahul Gandhi against the rising prices of petrol and diesel.

Violence and loss of government property reported on various places across India

While protesting the rising prices of petrol and diesel in Patna, Janadhikar party workers attacked government buses, properties and tried to stop long distance trains. Violence also reported on some places by Pappu Yadav’s Janadhikar party workers.

In Mumbai, MNS workers forcibly shut down shops and establishments near Bharat Mata Junction in Parel during the bandh. Pune Commissioner of Police doctor Venkatesham K twitted and reported that additional forces have been deployed in the city regarding the Bharat Band. He appealed people not to take law in their own hand.

Security in Jaipur increased during Bharat Band, Police said precautionary steps have been taken. The police have been instructed to take strict vigil against those who commit violence during the demonstration.

In Bharuch of Gujarat, during Bharat Bandh, heavy protest demonstrated, buses stopped after the arson. There is a huge impact on traffic and civil transport in the city. Thousands of people gathered in Chandigarh and protesting against the rising process of diesel and petrol. The protest reported in Bhubaneswar, Odisha too.


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