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Ram Gopal Verma Makes Movie With An Adult Movie Star, Poster Gets Viral



Director Ram Gopal Verma has once again making news for capturing the Boldness. Yes, Ramgopal Verma has released the first look of his forthcoming ‘God, Sex and Truth’. The poster of the film is very bold and it is becoming viral on social media. Ram Gopal Verma’s film will be seen with the beauty of the famous porn star Miya Milkova. Mia is getting very bold in the poster. Ram Gopal Varma shared the experience of working with Mia via tweet.

Ram Gopal Varma wrote on his Twitter account, ‘Mia … the experience of producing God, Sex and Truth was very good. I have never shot with Sunny Leone, but I never forget about the experience of God Sex and Truth. “After the tweet of Ram Gopal Varma, Mia Milkova gave her information about the shooting of the film from her Twitter account.

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After Guns And Thigh’s, RGVs Next Bold Move  

She wrote in a tweet that Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma shot with me a video called God, Sex and Truth in Europe. After Sunny Leone, I became the second adult star who worked with Indian filmmaker.

Meanwhile, the trailer of this film will be launched on January 16. There is currently a huge discussion about this movie. Apart from this, there are viral photos like poster or even on social media. Ram Gopal Varma is coming second time with adult content. Earlier, he was also in great discussion due to the bold content of ‘Guns and Thais’ web series.


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