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8 Tricks to Turn Your Smartphone into a Super Gadget


8 Tricks to Turn Your Smartphone into a Super Gadget

8 Tricks to Turn Your Phone into Super Gadget

There are many ways to turn your phone into the super gadget, almost 5 billion people own a mobile phone, but only a few people know how to turn our cheapest phone into the smart gadget. When it comes to smartphone people are not getting tired of searching how to use their phone in a proper way.

In this article, we will be talking about 8 tricks that will turn your Smartphone into a super gadget. People are only accustomed to using their basic functions but few are eager to get to know the latest functions on their phones and ignore the vast possibilities that they have at their fingertips. For Example, did you ever use airplane mode while playing games on your Smartphones?

Apart from this airplane mode there are many more inbuilt functions available on our smartphone which can make your life easier than ever before. If you want to get to know all that functions, read this article till the end.

We Reportersclick.com have gathered 8 tricks which you can easily be able to use in your smartphone. These 8 tricks will help you to turn your phone into the super gadget.

1. Use Airplane Mode to Boost Out Network:

8 tricks to turn your smartphone into a super Gadget

You must have noticed sometimes our network shows a better connection but when we are on the line we do not get voice clearly. We have a simple solution to that problem, if you are facing this problem, just simply switch your phone to airplane mode for a while. Because, when we shift our network to airplane mode and get back to regular mode our smartphone connection automatically connects to the nearest network ensuring a better signal.

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2. Want Good Sound in Video:

8 tricks to turn your smartphone into a super Gadget

When we shoot a video in our Smartphone we often get surrounding voices that always ruin the video. But did you know it can easily be solved? Yes, if you are making a plan to shoot a video in the phone, but do not want ambient noise, than just cover the speakerphone with your hand and position towards the sources of the sound.

3. How to Use Keyword Shortcut:

8 tricks to turn your smartphone into a super Gadget

If you are searching for a shortcut key and want to type your message in a faster pace you can create any keyword combination for certain frequently used phrases.  For example, email signatures or email addresses. If you’d like to avoid typing a long email address each time you want to sign into an online account, this little trick will become a real time-saver for you.

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4. Click Photos Using Earphones:

There is a craze around the world of taking selfies, but people always fail to take a right selfie and get their hands in the photo. But, we have a trick that turns your phone into the super gadget. Don’t worry if you have an iPhone you can use earphone instead of hand to click a selfie. What you just have to do is plug earphone in them, open the camera and click pictures using the volume button on the earphone. You can also put your phone on something and take a step back to experiment with the angles.

5. How to turn off Ads:

Tricks to turn your smartphone into a Super Gadget 12

You must be feeling irritating whenever ever you play games or use the free mobile app when ads pop up in your screen from time to time. You don’t need to do anything, just put your phone on aeroplane mode and enjoy playing your favourite games.

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6. User phone Instead of Glass:

If you have a problem of eye sighting and you forgot to carry your glasses at home at that time your smartphone can solve your problems. What you just need to do is, open the camera app and set the camera at the necessary object which you want to explore. For example, price tags in a shop or a number of an approaching bus.

7. Energy Saving Mode:

Tricks to turn your smartphone into a Super Gadget 12

Everyone desires to have a long battery, you must have turned off your notifications and regulated the screen’s brightness, turned off the vibration, and stopped using widgets. There’s one more trick: set a black background (for AMOLED displays.) The screen only lights up colour pixels; therefore, the more black pixels there are, the longer your phone’s battery will last.

8. How to Find Own Phone:

Tricks to turn your smartphone into a Super Gadget 12

“Call me, I can’t find my phone!” is a sentence we use when we lost our phone in our home, and start looking for their lost phones. But what would you do if you were alone at home or put your phone on vibrate? Use the Google Device Manager from another device (a laptop, for example) to send a sound signal from your phone. It will ring until you find it even if it is on vibrate. iPhone owners can use a similar function called Find iPhone.

What do you think of these 8 tricks that can turn your smartphone into super gadget? Which of these 8 tricks is most profitable for you? Share your opinion with us in the comments section. Photos are taken from the Website Brightside.me


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