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McLeodganj for alone traveler’s destination- Trip Guide



McLeodganj :If you love to roam alone choosing the right destination is one of the most important and difficult tasks. Options available on the Internet are confusing or does not represent the real picture of destination. Also traveling along could be dangerous if you don’t have proper or real information of the destination.

So, if you are planning to visit along with a safe and enjoyable destination then here is detailed. We suggest you make a trip to the safest location of Himachal Pradesh.Also

In Himachal, McLeodganj is one of those very few destinations for a lone traveler. The place is full of scenic beauty and lot to go with explore every corner of, McLeodganj. The Solo Travelers can experience peaceful Buddhist culture along with many tracking options.

We recommend solo travelers to must visit following places while visiting McLeodganj

  1. If you like tracking, then try and experience Triund Trek of McLeodganj. The trekking is not easy like other travel destinations but when you will reach, the surrounding scenes will erase all the tiredness you experienced during the trek.
  1. The Maseroor Temple built in the 8th century is one of the beautiful Hindu religious places of McLeodganj. There are 15 rock-cut temples that look quite like some Ellora Caves. The way to reach this temple has very scenic and beautiful.
  1. The Bhagsu Fall is surrounded with green hills and the falling waterfall from Bhagsu Fall will be visible like a painting in the book. You can reach near the waterfall by climbing simple, smooth and safe stairs. Once you reach the waterfall, there are plenty of options to sit around and relax.
  1. If you have not seen the beauty of the monastery then you should go to McLeodganj and visit Nechung Monastery. The place will help you to understand Buddhist Culture, their origin and their way of life. Just by reaching to the place you will experience peace and harmony.
  1. By visiting nearby Nadi Village you can see beautiful Sunset point. It is a favourite place for nature lovers and photographers. You can sit their and watch the sunset in the Himalayan valley. You can click the picture and I assure this will remain with you lifelong.

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  1. Mcleodganj is surrounded with many beautiful places, Indrahar Pass is one of them. If you are fond of trekking, then this is the place for you. You can trek at the peak of 4342 meters in the Himalayan valley and get the lifelong experience of natural beauty.
  1. If you believe in spirituality and searching for peace, then Dharamkot Vipassana Meditation Centre is your destination. This place, situated on the hills of the Himalayas, is a great place to relax and experience spirituality.
  1. If you want casual boating and fishing experience in the Himalayan valley then Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake is the destination for you. Which is an artificial lake which offer visitors apart from boating and fishing. Along with the hills and forests around here, there are many types of birds you can see.

When should you plan your visit to McLeodganj

You can plan you visit to McLeodganj starting from September to June. Between December and March, McLeodganjis very cold and you many not be able to enjoy the place fully. You can also visit he place starting from April to June if you like trekking the most.

Transport and travel itinerary for visiting McLeodganj

There are many ways you can reach to McLeodganj. You can book Taxi or take AC buses from many adjoining destinations starting from Delhi, Punjab or Himachal.

Travel tips for Solo Travelers traveling to McLeodganj

Carry out as little stuff while traveling to McLeodganj. You must carry water bottles and food items with you when you are visiting various places in McLeodganj or nearby areas. In the meantime, there are many places where you can eat tea, Maggi, Omelette, but it will be better to carry some snacks along with you. Wear shoes while tracking and carry outfits that are light as well as correct in terms of changing the weather.


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